Sea Moss is a sea vegetable/plant that grows in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, mainly near the Caribbean Islands and also in other tropical regions of the world such as the Eastern Coast of Africa & also Southeast Asia.

Sea Moss Farmers dive into the ocean to harvest fresh Sea Moss and then depending on the Sea Moss strain and final product needs, the farmer will start the dehydrating process.  Most of the time the harvested Sea Moss is placed in clear plastic food grade bags under the Caribbean Sun to dry & sun bleach until ready for storage.  Dried Sea Moss can be stored airtight in a low moisture, moderately cool & dark place for over 1 year!

There are many species and types of "Sea Moss" in the world, not to be confused with "sea weed" such as kelp or chondrus crispus (purple irish moss), which is also rich in minerals but nothing like the Caribbean Sea Moss

There are a lot of Sea Moss sellers that have spread mis-information in the world of the internet, so it will be very difficult to find an educated/factual Sea Moss Seller. 

Gracilaria vs. Eucheuma Cottonii vs. Chondrus Crispus.  Research to see for yourself.  Fact Check that one time for us please!

Purple Irish Moss is not Sea Moss from the warm tropical regions of the world such as the Caribbean.  "Irish Sea Moss or Irish Moss" is a misleading label for Gracilaria & Eucheuma Cottonii created by mis-informed sellers.  Sea Moss, aka Gracilaria & Eucheuma Cottonii grow in tropical climate waters & come in all colors from red to gold to green to purple to multi-colored.  Chondrus Crispus aka purple irish moss only grows in cold waters such as the frigid atlantic waters of coastal Ireland and other coastal territories.  It is reddish-purple because it grows deep in the ocean where there is a lower temperature & less sunlight for photosynthesis, so the plant creates proteins to make it easier to photosynthesize which in turn makes the plant matter reddish-purple in color.  

Be very wary of where you buy Sea Moss and who you're buying it from, ask questions to confirm their Sea Moss knowledge base.  Most people don't research a product before selling to others which is very irresponsible in our opinion.

The Sea Moss latches onto rocks in the ocean but it can also grow on ropes fully submerged in the ocean. The Sea Moss can then breakdown the minerals in the ocean water and or rocks then transfer that nutrition into their own system to grow, which in turn, feed us, well at least the lucky ones who know about "Sea Moss". 

Sea Moss contains 92 minerals also known as elements of the periodic table.  There are 118 elements on the periodic table, Sea Moss contains 92 of the 118 elements/minerals available on Earth, talk about a SUPERFOOD!!! 

102 minerals reside in each of our human bodies.  Sea Moss's 92 minerals are all needed by the human body.  A few examples of minerals provided by Sea Moss are Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium etc.  The minerals are in trace amounts so there is never a risk of overuse of Sea Moss for human consumption. TAP FOR MORE INFO

Sea Moss can help anyone looking for assistance in reaching a healthier lifestyle.  Sea Moss is the first step to a healthier life! 

Detox your body of processed poison, boost your energy, Increase your Immunity to disease, gain mental clarity, ease the pain of digestive issues such as gluten allergies or celiac disease, naturally cure your hypothyroid issues, get rid of all that disease-causing mucus in your body, get your balance back, lose weight and keep it off, help your bowel movements, give your muscles the food to heal quicker post workout, tighten up your skin via nature's way of helping you naturally produce collagen, make your hair grow longer quicker and so so much more!!! 

It is almost like the Sea Moss knows what your low on and replenishes those minerals in your body! 

Take a spoonful of Sea Moss Gel, add it to teas, coffee, orange juice, smoothies, salad dressings, evening meals, sauces, salsas, pretty much anything your imagination can think of!!! 

Just one week of adding Sea Moss into your morning routine will prove the physical & mental health benefits.  There's not one mental therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or physical therapist that can do for You what You can do for Yourself.  SAVE YOURSELF IN THIS NEW GOLDEN AGE OF TRUTH!  

Sea Moss wakes up the UNIVERSAL GOD inside the middle of your chest, where your SOUL resides (SOL is the ancient name for the SUN).  THE SOUL makes your heart beat not some involuntary action taught to us in public school.  The SUN is where all the elements on Earth have come from, and don't forget where we are harvesting the Sea Moss, in the Ocean aka Oshun Mammy Wata where the SUN shines on Her directly, Every Day All Day...Stardust/Sun Particles is who we are.  TIME TO WAKE UP THE GOD IN YOU!!!  Scientists & doctors haven't even found a cure for the common cold yet, all they really have done is observe and treat, no curing at all, your body cures your body if given a chance to stay in an alkaline state of being....LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!  Our Soul's house is the body, keep it clean, strong & pure.  It all starts in the gut! 

Arm Leg Leg Arm Head is what we are.  But, we have 2 heads, One above our shoulders (face) and the other between the waist and neck (body).  The body is our first face we feed, not our face. 

Take your shirt off and look in the mirror at your breasts/pecks, abs & belly button and move your stomach in & out like a wave to see the "body face".  The breasts/pecks are the eyes, the abs are the nose, the ribs are the cheekbones & the belly button is the mouth. 

Before every single one of us popped out of our Mothers' Wombs', we were being fed from our Mom's umbilical cord via our belly button...sounds like the belly/belly button is & was the first mouth we fed ourselves with, huh?  The organs behind the "body face" breakdown all things ingested via the mouth on our "kisser face".  The blood running through the body that operates the brain that we feel is so Intellectual is all made up of the food/fuel we put in our stomach that is broken down to the vitamin & mineral state. 

So if you can't figure out why "Nothing is Changing" in life no matter what you try to do...analyze what you're Eating and who is Feeding you and CHANGE YOUR WORLD!!!

We are what we eat, the choice is ours'.  We live on Earth, so us Natural Living Beings eat what comes out the Earth not what resides on the Earth.  A majority of the animals we eat or have eaten, strictly have a vegetarian diet...THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND!!!

Take the first step towards an alkaline way of living & try our AXUMOSS St. Lucian Sea Moss or Sea Moss Gel now!  AXUMOSS Sea Moss is locally available in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.