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What are the 92 minerals & vitamins in Sea Moss

Some of the minerals Sea Moss contains for optimal function in our human body are Copper, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Iodine, B Complex Vitamins, Sodium, Sulphur and Silicon. Sea Moss is a great source of dietary fiber, Vitamin K, Copper, Riboflavin, Folate. Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Protein, Beta Carotene, B Vitamins, Pectin, Taurine (an amino acid usually missing in vegan and vegetarian diets) and Vitamin C. These are all the essential nutrients you need to support and maintain healthy bodily functions.

But due to the lack of scientific research this is a mystery question to a degree at times.  Many Sea Moss sellers have sent their Sea Moss to food labs to be tested for vitamin & mineral content but have had inconclusive results in terms of getting a test done for all 92 minerals...food labs are expensive for most DIY Sea Moss Sellers.

But there is one fact, the sun provides all elements/minerals on Earth.  The Sea Moss lives in the Ocean where the Sun sends down it's sun particles, so with this logic you can conclude that the Sun Gives the Ocean everything and then in return the Sea Moss absorbs all the minerals in the ocean and rocks.

We are in the process of Testing our AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel for the Nutritional Composition at an FDA Certified Food Lab in Southern California


What is the difference between vitamins & minerals?

Vitamins are made by living organisms, while minerals (elements) are found on earth via the sun. An example of vitamin creation is when carrots produce beta carotene, which then the body turns into vitamin A. 

Minerals, such as copper, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, iodine etc, can be found in the ocean, soil & in rocks all over the earth in abundance.


Is your Sea Moss pool farmed? 

No, our Saint Lucian Sea Moss is Ocean farmed and harvested. 

Not to be confused with "wildcrafted" which is when an individual dives into the ocean and cracks a piece of rock off to harvest sea moss, which in our opinion destroys the local ecosystem for mass harvesting, which no one in their right mind would do to their own land. 

As far as we know, not one country in the world permits harvesters to wildcraft sea moss and legally ship it to the USA, all regulated sea moss harvesting is done via ocean farming to protect the local ecosystems.  The foreign supplier always has to be a registered with the FDA within their country.  If you have gotten "wildcrafted" sea moss shipped to you then it was most likely not inspected by the FDA at the port of entry in the USA. 

Many DIY harvesters smuggle sea moss into the USA by stuffing personal shipment boxes and mislabeling the customs forms.  Keep in mind sea moss must be inspected by FDA for any heavy metals, heavy metals end up in sea moss when it is harvested from polluted, industrial waters, which is not allowed or permitted by any country's government for sea moss cultivation for exportation.  Don't poison yourself over getting a cheaper price.  All of our St. Lucian Sea Moss shipments are FDA inspected & approved before being released to AXUMUS.


Where is your Sea Moss from? 

We directly Import our Sea Moss from Saint Lucia from an experienced Sea Moss Farmer of over 20 years, there are no middlemen involved in our sourcing of Sea Moss, this makes it the purest & cleanest possible. 

The cargo is always Cleared, Tested, Inspected & Approved by the FDA and Customs Agents at the Import Location in Los Angeles, California.


What species is AXUMOSS Sea Moss? 

Our Sea Moss is the Eucheuma Cottonii species.  This species is known for its clean properties as in it doesn't pick up ocean debris like the other species such as gracilaria. 


What is the difference between sea moss harvested from rocks vs sea moss harvested on ropes fully submerged in the water?

In our opinion, the sea moss on rocks should be left alone to keep the local ecosystem intact.  Sea moss farmed and harvested on ropes fully submerged in the ocean water in areas far away from human industries is the norm and much safer for the environment, the consumer & the harvester and the harvester can control the outcome of the sea moss in terms of making sure all the sea moss is growing without interference from other sea life and also making sure sea life is not disturbed by the sea moss cultivation.  It is tough work farming & harvesting sea moss that is fully soaked in ocean water, IT'S VERY HEAVY!

There are no FDA registered facilities in the Caribbean that permit harvesting sea moss for Export from rocks "wildcrafted" to the best of our knowledge.


Where is your Sea Moss Gel from? 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. 

We make the Sea Moss Gel ourselves "fresh to order never frozen" in a daily cleaned & sterilized environment while wearing mask, gloves and hairnet/hat. 

We know how important a clean and safe work environment is to you, and we take it very seriously.  We treat others as we want to be treated so rest assured we are the cleanest we can be around here while processing your orders.  


What is in your Sea Moss Gel?

Our AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel has 3 Simple Ingredients. 

Distilled Water, Fresh Squeezed Organic Lime Juice & FDA Inspected Saint Lucian Sea Moss.  


Where is AXUMUS located?  

We are located right in the middle of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.  Corner of Cahuenga Blvd & Hollywood Blvd next to the Historic Landmark, Pacific Theaters.  


If I wanted to buy AXUMOSS Sea Moss or AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel locally in Los Angeles, where can I buy it? 

You can buy AXUMOSS Sea Moss locally in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.  Order Online and choose to pick up order locally or local delivery.


What does Sea Moss taste like? 

Seamoss is tasteless which also makes our AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel tasteless making it easy to be added to nearly anything!


How do I take, use or eat AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel?

You can use AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel in many different ways.  The most common way is to take a Tablespoon of gel and mix it in your smoothie, add it to your Morning Tea or Coffee, Eat a Tablespoon on its own, add it to soups or any meal in the skillet/pan to slightly thicken up the sauce.  Since it is a Gel and doesn't have any taste, you will not be changing your dish or drink, the Gel dissolves into the food/drink but you definitely will be adding nutrients to your food/drink that it didn't have before.  You can use it on your skin and hair as well, it adds volume to your hair and softens your skin!  The possibilities are endless with AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel! 


Have I had Sea Moss before and not known it?

Most likely you have eaten a type of Sea Moss if you like eating at Asian Restaurants where they serve "Seaweed Salad".


Is my AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel frozen when shipped?

No.  We ship your AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel totally fresh, as in, as soon as we finish making the gel, we package your gel in our shippable container but do not refrigerate it, we immediately ship it USPS Priority Mail to you via USPS Self Service Kiosk. 

Refrigerate immediately after receiving.  When Sea Moss Gel is first made by blending the Water, Hydrated Sea Moss & Limejuice, you can keep it out for 7 days before it starts to decompose.  

We always drink Sea Moss right out our personal blender when its still in a liquid-gel form.  Once your refrigerate the blended mix it will gel up, no going back after that.


How long does shipping take?  

We are shipping all orders out with 3-4 day USPS Priority Mail service FOR FREE!


How long has AXUMUS DVNB been taking Sea Moss?

I have been eating AXUMOSS St. Lucian Sea Moss Gel since October 2020, for the first 30 days I took a tablespoon serving with every meal so 3 times a day.  Then after that I definitely started taking way more, lets just say I drink at least 2 32oz Jugs of Fresh Sea Moss Gel right out my personal blender every week, and thats baby steps compared to others.  Sea Moss helps you rebuild your muscles back quicker after working out fyi for the gym rats. 

I was introduced to Sea Moss via seeing clips of Dr. Sebi, a World Renowned Holistic Food & Herb Healer/Guru, look him up if you want Natural Living Being Knowledge.  I was already into leading a healthy & conscious lifestyle but I always felt that I was not fully in the know about how to eat healthy so his knowledge was right on time.

Let me tell you the first 2 weeks will be mind blowing in terms of trying to wrap your head around on how just 1-3 tablespoons a day makes you feel so different. 

It is not a mind altering high substance either, it is a SUPERFOOD that is packed with 92 Minerals so your whole body starts to replenish your depleted minerals and you will feel it!  My Body & Mind is literally on another level now in terms of feeling in full operation mode of this organic machine powered by My Soul   

Everyone feels a little different because we all have different mineral deficiencies, one person may be low on Iron and they end up getting better balance and another may be low on Calcium and they end up having less joint & bone pain.  Bill Gates has nothing on this Ancient Nanotechnology of Sea Moss Healing!


When will my items ship

After your order is received, the morning of the next business day we will start processing your order and ship out as soon as possible, usually the next day for Sea Moss. 

For Sea Moss Gel, 3 days for order processing before it ships out.


Can I cancel my order

For dry sea moss, Yes, as long we haven't shipped the order.

For sea moss gel, No.


Do I get tracking for my shipment? 

Yes, when we receive the tracking number, we will email it to you. 


How do I contact customer service? 

Email contact@axumus.com for quickest response


How does sea moss improve my health? 

Detox your body of processed poison, boost your energy, Increase your Immunity to disease, gain mental clarity, ease the pain of digestive issues such as gluten allergies or celiac disease, naturally cure your hypothyroid issues, get rid of all that disease-causing mucus in your body, get your balance back, lose weight and keep it off, help your bowel movements, give your muscles the food to heal quicker post workout, tighten up your skin with nature's collagen, make your hair grow longer quicker and so so much more!!! 


Can I take the Sea Moss along with other medications? 

For your safety consult your primary care physician before ingesting anything new into your body.

In our opinion, Sea Moss is a plant with no foreign chemical or additives.  So in our opinion it will be better for you to take Sea Moss while on Medication to offset the side effects of those chemical pills you have chosen to take. 

We know one client who just had breast cancer surgery recently and is feeling relief from her medication side effects by ingesting AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel 

We tested sea moss on our own body in October 2020 for 30 days straight by taking 3 tablespoons a day.  Nothing but positive changes in our body and mind has taken place since then.  No Regrets here. 


Why do you only sell 12 ounce Sea Moss gel pouches/jars?

There are no preservatives, additives or chemicals in our product.  The shelflife of a natural food item such as our AXUMOSS Sea Moss gel, has a three week shelf life that is 21 days.  12 ounces of gel has 24 tablespoons most people that buy the gel only take a tablespoon a day so that will be finished in approximately three weeks which will give you the best experience with AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel.


Can I take Sea Moss during or after alcohol consumption? 

Again for your safety consult your primary care physician before ingesting anything new into your body. 

Drinking a glass of Fresh Sea Moss Gel actually helps get rid of your hangovers.  We drink alcohol sometimes and still drink fresh sea moss gel the same night and no issues here. 


Can I give any of the sea moss products to my children? 

For their safety consult your pediatrician.


Can I use too much Sea Moss? 

No, it really is just a plant that we can eat.  If you take too much you will feel full and may have an easier time going number 2 just like over-indulging in any type of food.  But we never heard of someone hurting themselves by taking too much sea moss.  We drink a whole 32 oz blended cup at least twice a week.  We Feel Grrrrreeeeaaatttt!!!  


How long will it take before I feel a difference?

In 1-2 weeks you will start to feel the benefits of sea moss.


Will Sea Moss help me lose weight?

Yes, Sea Moss actually helps you feel more full without eating a lot of regular food because the nutrition in the Sea Moss keeps your body satisfied and sustained. 

Going on a 7 day Fresh Sea Moss Gel & Fruit Diet will help anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off!  Try some AXUMOSS NOW!


How do I store my AXUMOSS Sea Moss?

Keep it in an airtight package or container in a cool & dark place, such as your kitchen cabinet or pantry next to your bottled water or other health food.


How do I store my AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel?

Keep your AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel Refrigerated at 34-37 degrees fahrenheit when not in use. 

We ship your AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel totally fresh as in, as soon as we finish making the gel, we package your gel in our shippable container but do not refrigerate it, we immediately ship it USPS Priority Mail to you via USPS Self Service Kiosk. 

Refrigerate immediately after receiving.  When sea moss gel is first made by blending the Water, Hydrated Sea Moss & Limejuice, you can keep it out for 7 days before it starts to decompose. 


Does my AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel have an expiration date on it?

Yes, Sea Moss Gel stays fresh for 3-4 weeks.  After that the gel starts to change its mineral composition, the iodine levels start to rise and you never want to ingest too much iodine, it will have your thyroid gland in a bad spot.  Small amounts of iodine actually help your thyroid gland wake up to operate more effeciently.  


Can AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel help my HYPO-Thryroidism?

A BIG YES!!!  Small amounts of iodine in conjunction with other minerals present in Sea Moss actually helps your thyroid gland wake up to operate more efficiently. 

People who have HYPO-Thyroidism are obese or overweight most of the time because their thyroid gland barely operates and that keeps their metabolism very low. 

Sea Moss will start increasing your metabolism and in turn your body will start slimming down gradually & naturally.  


My AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel order arrived leaking, can I get a refund?

Please email us a picture of USPS Shipping Box and contents.

We can send out another order free of charge, it all depends on the situation.


Can AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel help my sex drive? 

Yes, the mineral content helps Men create more sperm and have more stamina.  And the Women will feel even more activation & sensation then usual.  You're Welcome, SOLD!!!


My AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel spoiled before the 3-4 weeks lifespan? 

Please make sure you refrigerate at 34-37 degrees. Old model fridges and fridges that are over filled will cause issues with keeping the temperature at 34-37 degrees.


Is Sea Moss safe to consume by a Human Being?  Does the Food, Science & Medical Industry research Sea Moss for human consumption? 

There are a lot of private studies on the internet but extensive research by these industries are not documented. 

But Sea Moss is considered a staple food item in the Caribbeans and other tropical parts of the world for centuries way before there was an FDA or even a Medical Industry, And it still is a Staple Food Item to this Day.  Some of us are just late to the Sea Moss Party.  Hopefully this quells your concerns of jumping into the Sea Moss Journey.  This stuff is really really good for you!!!


Is your Sea Moss FDA approved?  

Yes, before we can pick up cargo at the Import Location in Los Angeles, CA, the FDA tests, inspects and approves the Saint Lucian Sea Moss for Food Consumption by Humans.


Is there a nutrition label for your AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel?

We are in the process of testing our AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel at an FDA certified food lab in Southern California.


Can I take this product while being pregnant? 

Consult with your primary care physician before consuming while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Just remember Sea Moss is a Staple Food (Everyday Use) around the world and we have never heard of a Pregnant Woman Sea Moss Overuse Pandemic or her fetus being harmed from a natural food.


Should I freeze my AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel?

You can but keep the cap off or your container will burst, the water content in the gel will expand in the freezer. 

We suggest not to freeze our AXUMOSS Sea Moss Gel, it breaks down the cell walls of the blended Sea Moss and when thawed the texture changes and it also becomes a little watery.  And then when you add it into teas, the gel sinks to the bottom and it doesn't stay flowing through the liquid.


Can I purchase wholesale quantities?

Please email contact@axumus.com for more infomation.


If you have any more questions please email us immediatly!